Others Will Follow

Making of Others Will Follow

But Why?
Thanks for watching, Others Will Follow was inspired by this speech written for President Nixon to deliver in the event that the Apollo 11 astronauts were stranded on the moon. Fortunately they never used it, so I figured I would.

NASA has parked its space ships in museums in the decades since the contingency speech was written. Most humans alive today didn't exist the last time humanity left low earth orbit. I wanted to make something that would outline the importance of human space flight by imagining a brute-force mission to Mars in the early 2000s that, despite disastrous circumstances still manages to pass the torch of inspiration.

I spent 4.5 years making this short and attempted to do every aspect of its creation myself, from pyrotechnics to music composition. Many of the disciplines were completely new to me like designing and building the space ship and constructing the space suit, others like VFX and cinematography I had a background in. Here is a making-of technical interview

I had a lot of help from friends and cast whose skill and generosity I tested by dragging them to the middle of the Mojave desert and using a gas-powered fan to blow diatomaceous earth in their faces… for example. I learned a lot and I hope the final product feels authentic. Also big thanks to Home Depot for selling space ship parts.

- Andrew Finch

Stills From Set

Andrew Finch Director/Writer/Sets/Props/VFX/Cine/Sound/Music
Greg Cotten Co-Cinematographer

----- Cast -----

Winston Tao Astro-Man
Erica Sabol Astro-Girl
Damian Chey Astro-Boy
Bruce Greenwood President Greenwood (voice)
Kendall Chappell News Anchor (voice)
John Redlinger Astronaut 1
Maya Sommer Astronaut 2
Cassi Basile Truck Rider 1

----- Crew -----

Jana Winternitz Voice Over Producer
Ryan Walton Gaffer / AC / Astro-Man Double
Nick Roney Gaffer / Truck Rider 2
Ryan Summersett AC / Truck Rider 4
Anthony Lucido Dust Master
Ryan Sturz Stunt Coordinator
Paulina Bryant AC
Brian White Lamp Operator / Truck Rider 3

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